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James Blake & Bon Iver

Fall Creek Boys Choir


“Fall Creek Boys Choir,” a collaboration between Bon Iver, and James Blake.

This sounds exactly how you would think a collaboration between Bon Iver and James Blake would sound. That is in no way a diss, though I do figure this will be a group whose songs grow on you over repeated listens.

(Source: youtu.be)



Warpaint - “Undertow”

My friend just saw this all girl group share a bill with Diamond Rings (who recently released the solid Special Affections). He was underwhelmed by Diamond Rings live performance, but said Warpaint was terrific. So you should probably see them too.

Warpaint - “Undertow”

If you don’t mind a weirdly androgynous lead singer, I’ll throw in Diamond Rings’ single as well.

Diamond Rings - “All Yr Songs”